Automotive Products


Advanced nano-ceramic technology offers a cooler and more comfortable driving experience in a signal-friendly construction.

LX Series

The ultimate in comfort and clarity, LX series utilizes Solar Gard’s patent-protected Sol-Mox technology for unmatched heat control and maximized daylight.


HP films take advantage of metallized technology to reflect solar heat. HP films provide all the benefits of NR films with superior heat control.


Using dyed film technology, NR films offer the benefits of privacy, UV protection, signal-friendliness, and moderate heat control.


Clearshield Pro is a tough, clear barrier that acts like body armor for your paint. Road debris? We're On It.

The latest paint protection innovation from Solar Gard – is about you. With its industry-leading StainX™ topcoat technology, you can enjoy more time riding in a freshly waxed-looking car and less time washing it.